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Unveiling the Future of Influencer Marketing

30 Nov 2023

Izzi Anwell

Social Media Executive

As the influencer marketing industry continues to boom, integrating influencers into your marketing campaign is no longer a choice, it's a necessity.  According to statistic provider Statista, the global influencer marketing industry is set to generate $22.2 billion by 2025, so if you don't know, get to know! 

With the year coming to a close we thought we would share our two pence and tell you which influencer trends we think will make it big in 2024! 

So firstly let’s recap for those at the back - What makes influencer marketing work so well? 

1. Bolsters Brand Credibility

Influencers work tirelessly to build a following of people who hang on their every word and see them as a credible source of information. If consumers believe that an influencer is credible, nine times out of ten, the brand of the product they're promoting is going to be seen as credible also. 

2. Time Efficient and Economical 

Spreading the word about your product or service through a campaign takes time and money, especially if you want it to be as effective as possible. Employing an influencer alleviates the pressure of having to generate an elaborate communications plan, it's relatively inexpensive and the ROI high. 

3. Keep your Brand Relevant 

Part of an influencer's job is to keep up to date with the latest trends and pop culture. Having your brand promoted by an influencer ensures that your brand is brought to the forefront of your consumers minds and remains topical. 

Now, let’s get into it - What does the future of Influencer marketing look like? 


1. AI Leading the Waltz

Integrating AI into your influencer campaign can help you to easily find the perfect influencers for your niche audience, generate specialised content and monitor audience response all at the same time! Add AI to your marketing toolkit to get the lowdown on what your audience wants. 

2. Influencers and Social Commerce 

Engaging in social commerce can help to grow your audience, increase engagement, improve user experience and better your relationships with your customers and that is just the half of it!

3. Championing Micro/Nano Influencers

Size doesn't matter if you know what you're doing - Of course we are talking about influencer audience size…what are you talking about? Despite having a smaller audience, the audiences of micro influencers are devout meaning that their engagement and response rates remain consistent. With the popularity of user generated content on the rise, we can expect to see more micro influencers in the limelight in 2024.

4. Employee as Influencers 

When it comes to promoting your products and services, who better to do it than those who are responsible for them. Employee advocacy can help to boost the overall authenticity of your brand image and is more cost effective and less time consuming than more traditional forms of advertising. Employee advocacy doesn’t have to just consist of your employees harping on about how much they ‘love the brand’, instead can be as simple as employees liking, sharing and commenting intermittently on your socials. Simple! 

5. User Generated Content 

Much like employee advocacy, UGC is a cost effective and time efficient way to promote your products and get your users talking. UGC creators are seen as being more authentic and trustworthy than the average influencer as most of them come from everyday backgrounds. 

6. Cross Cultural Partnerships and Influencer Diversity 

Entering new markets and growing your audience is only possible if you are willing to diversify your content and employ ambassadors and affiliates who everyone can relate to. If a vibrant, global audience is what you want, choose faces who have stories to tell and heritage to celebrate. 

Well, it sounds like 2024 is going to be an even bigger year for influencer marketing! If you want to find out how you can use influencer marketing to your advantage, speak to us today! 

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