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The Lowdown on UGC

15 Sep 2023

Izzi Anwell

Social Media Executive

Nowadays, businesses don't have to solely rely on traditional marketing methods to meet their goals or infiltrate a target market, they can be more creative and think outside of the box. 

UGC is a creative and cost effective way to raise brand awareness, increase reach and break into new target markets, let's discuss a little further shall we…

What does it look like? 

Picture this, you're scrolling through instagram and you come across a friend's video talking about how much they love a particular product or brand. 9 times out of 10, unless they're just obsessed, this is branded UGC. Here lies the difference between UGC and other types of generated content, it is unstaged, raw and authentic and can be generated by anyone from anywhere. 

More on the difference between UGC and IGC?

It is true that lines become a little blurred when comparing UGC and Influencer generated content [IGC] as aren't they pretty much the same? 

The answer is, no, they are actually quite different - IGC is created by notable, potentially famous figures within the industry and beyond who have the professional ability and following to persuade. Moreover, these figures usually work under strict parameters and are briefed on what sort of content to produce and who to direct it at. 

UGC on the other hand is less restricted and is created by the ‘everyday’ person allowing them to have more creative licence and freedom when creating and sharing content.

What benefits does UGC bring to business 

Authenticity and Engagement 

Unlike other types of content, UGC is unmistakably authentic, encouraging complete honesty and transparency about a product or service. To willingly show transparency as a business instils trust in the minds of consumers thus potentially improving brand loyalty and brand identity. Moreover, due to this transparency, UGC can simplify and speed up purchase decisions.

Economical and Time Saving 

Churning out consistently high quality and unique creative content can be incredibly time consuming and sometimes uneconomical. Employing UGC can cut costs and provide distinctive, varied content delivered from a range of unique perspectives. 

Breaking into New Markets 

By leveraging UGC businesses can improve their reach tenfold, gaining access to potentially untapped markets and consumer segments. Just because UGC is largely consumer led doesn't mean that marketers aren’t pulling the strings in terms of who they approach about UGC. This freedom allows business to easily break into new markets through UGC creators. 

Where to begin with UGC? 

Of course, direct outreach to your consumers is effective but can be time consuming. Instead, there are many platforms available, both free and subscription based, that can be used to communicate with, organise and task your UGC creators. 

Now that you've heard everything we have to say, if you want to find out more about how to start implementing UGC into your business, talk to us today.

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