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Crowd gives a start-up a head start

12 Jan 2023

Xena Watts

Marketing Assistant

If you haven't seen it already, in October, Crowd turned 10! We wanted to celebrate our anniversary and help out another startup that most resonated with us, as we were once a start up! We ran a competition for startups to come forward for the opportunity to be chosen to receive 10 hours of free consultancy from our team. We had many inspiring applicants but were excited to choose the winner that aligns with our values and are very excited to work with. Welcome our winner: Get with the Program!

GWTP aims to ‘To inspire the tech innovators of the future by teaching children coding concepts through interactive theatre’. With their exciting characters and plays, they engage children through a Pantomime style performance about the world of tech and coding. They have 4 different plays for the children to explore, including their Al the Robot and the Three Bears coding panto which went viral in 2020 reaching nearly a quarter of a million children worldwide! See more about that panto here.

Working with schools, businesses and parents, their shows travel the country and are beginning to be shown remotely worldwide, inspiring many young children about the world of STEM. They also include less well-represented groups in their shows, as they are passionate about improving visibility and career aspirations.

Crowd are passionate about the future of technology and were excited to choose GWTP as the winner. We felt our team resonated with the values of GWTP and would be able to provide valuable information for their start up journey. 

Check out Get with the Program and keep a lookout on our site for what we get up to with them!


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