Attracting Today's Best Talent With #TeamCrowd

BY Xena Watts
Marketing Assistant
9 Nov 2022

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our new careers portal called #TeamCrowd! This portal showcases our culture and diversity as a company and is a place for others to come and join our Crowd. Since using the platform we can happily say it has been very successful and are excited to announce that you can now customise our talent portal for your own company. 

If your company is in search of new employees, posting online the traditional way may not be effective anymore - especially when attracting the Gen Z audience. This generation will be looking for company cultures that better align with their values to make the world a better place.

The solution is Crowd’s Talent Pool 3.0.

When purchasing the customisable portal, you’ll be given all the information and templates you need to set up. The Crowd team will then work alongside you to help create a jobs portal that reflects your unique brand guidelines and attracts the right staff for your company.

The portal features an easy to use application system with an application reviewing process for salaried staff, freelancers, interns, partners and consultants, saving you time and money.

Since launching our own talent pool portal, Crowd’s team has rapidly expanded with a wide range of talented individuals becoming part of our global team. We are very proud of the talent we’re attracting, and want to help other companies do the same.

Speak to us today to find your next talented employee.


Xena is part of Crowd's Social Media team, doing research and looking after our channels. She also has a passion for sustainability and is always looking for the next best eco brand.

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