The Language of Crypto Marketing

#Web3 #Ebook
BY Tom Berne
Managing Director (UAE)
25 Aug 2022

Excerpt from Crowd’s new Your Brand in Web3 Project. Download the full magazine here.

“People ask ‘can can you do an intro? Can you look at my whitepaper? Can we get lawyer?” says Erica Stanford. “You look at their marketing, their websites, their whitepapers and the majority don't actually describe what there are doing.” 

Stanford is the Founder of Crypto Curry Club, Fintech Specialist at legal firm CMS and Author of Crypto Wars : Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption. Busy then.

Possibly too busy to put up with badly thought-out communications from Web3 businesses. 

“They seem intent on using every buzzword available and lots of flowery words while making all of these promises,” she continues. “Yet they don't actually describe anything clearly. 

“It is fundamentally important to describe what you're doing in a space that most people don't understand. 

“It doesn’t matter if they're looking for investment or looking for legal support or a new user-base amongst new user groups.

“It needs to be understood by anybody who isn't directly working for their start-up or working at a very similar company.”

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