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The Best Web3 Real Estate Projects

23 Aug 2023

Sophie Robson

Head of Innovation

Web3, the decentralised internet powered by blockchain technology, is reshaping industries, including real estate. Web3's impact on the real estate sector is transformative, eliminating middlemen, enhancing security, and streamlining transactions. Central to Web3 are blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs, which collectively revolutionise property transactions. Blockchain technology hosts decentralised applications related to real estate, ensuring transparent and secure tracking of transactions and ownership details. Here we have highlighted four of the top Web3 real estate projects to showcase.

RealT: Simplifying Real Estate Investment

RealT exemplifies the transformative potential of Web3 technology in real estate investment. Powered by blockchain, RealT offers a user-friendly platform to buy, sell, and store Real Estate Tokenized Assets. This platform doesn't just stop at facilitating transactions; it provides access to a range of services including portfolio management, market insights, loan origination, and digital asset exchanges. By embracing compliance and technological innovation, RealT makes global real estate investment more accessible and efficient.

RealTRealT offers fractional real estate investment in tokenized assets.


ShelterZoom: Pioneering Secure Property Management

ShelterZoom embodies the essence of Web 3.0 in the real estate domain. By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, this project empowers users to securely and efficiently engage in property-related activities. Beyond simplifying property transactions, ShelterZoom offers an integrated suite of tools for secure offer submissions, contract negotiations, and deal closures. Its application of smart contracts and digital identity authentication adds layers of security to the process, ensuring a swift and trusted experience.

ShelterZOOM The Blockchain Real Estate Platform.

Propy: Empowering Secure Property Transactions

Propy stands at the forefront of Web3's influence on real estate. This blockchain-based platform facilitates secure property transactions by enabling buyers, sellers, and stakeholders to manage title records on the Ethereum blockchain. Propy's innovative suite of services encompasses listing management, escrow payments, title transfers, online auctions, and even mortgage services. With a global reach, Propy removes the barriers of cross-border payments and legal complexities, empowering users to participate in property transactions with unparalleled ease and security.

Propy leverages blockchain technology for easier, faster & more secure transactions.


RealtyTokens: Unleashing Real Estate Investment Potential

RealtyTokens is a growing opportunity within the Web3 real estate landscape. This project unlocks the potential of blockchain technology, enabling users to invest, purchase, and trade real estate assets seamlessly. By leveraging the power of smart contracts and digital tokens, RealtyTokens ensures transparency and security in property transactions. Moreover, the platform facilitates an end-to-end process, catering to investors ranging from crowdfunders to brokers. The option to pool capital with other investors for acquiring larger properties at reduced costs further democratises real estate investment.

TokenBlockchain-enabled digital real estate brokerage that facilitates both traditional and crypto transactions. 

Web3's impact on real estate is evident in these projects. These initiatives leverage blockchain to enhance security, transparency, and accessibility in property transactions. Web3 is breaking barriers, leading us towards an inclusive, efficient, and secure real estate ecosystem.

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