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Team Crowd At Your Fingertips

25 Jul 2023

Kyle Anderson

Social Media Manager

The world of content creation and consumption is in a constant state of evolution as consumers increasingly seek authentic content that they can relate to.

Establishing that authenticity now reigns supreme, and brands are investing in social marketing strategies with a human-centric and relatable output.

With this approach, the need for marketing and production have to play hand-in-hand, having social, design, video production and photography all working together to produce quality content that is aligned with the overarching strategies put in place.

This is where Crowd Generated Content comes into play.

Crowd at Your Fingertips

Crowd Generated Content (CGC) is a brand new content stream we offer in-house to our clients, where all departments are working simultaneously to create authentic content with a strategic approach rooted in what consumers and social media users are looking for.

Imagine a global team of marketing creatives implementing their expertise whilst trying out a product and producing authentic, yet professionally shot content.

One of our clients, Belkin, a leading global electronics company, recently launched multiple social channels across 7 regions, with a strong focus on human-centric content.

Crowd at Your Fingertips

Numerous faces from the Crowd team have been featured in Belkin's stories, reels, and TikToks throughout their summer campaign, filmed in diverse locations to appeal to different markets and seasonal trends.

A CGC shoot involves more than just using a product, capturing a video and hoping for the best. It requires meticulous planning, from brainstorming, trend analysis, and strategic sessions with the client, storyboarding and shot lists—and Crowd has got it all covered.

As a global agency, creativity flows through our veins, and we possess the skills to capture it all. To date, we have successfully conducted CGC shoots in Amsterdam, Morocco, and the UK, tailoring the locations to suit the product, market landscape and our client's desired aesthetic.

We take great pride in our team of content creators who genuinely love what they do and eagerly look forward to producing even more authentic content for our clients.

If you're in search of content creators available at your fingertips, reach out to Team Crowd; we'd love to learn more about your needs and how we can help you stand out with content that resonates with your audience.

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