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Saudi Arabia's Circular Economy Vision

21 Sep 2023

Geeta M


In the midst of a global plastic pollution crisis, governments of the world are directing their primary focus on mitigating the disastrous consequences of non degradable waste. According to the UN Environment Program, we generate a staggering 400 million tons of plastic annually, out of which only 9% is recycled. As if this wasn’t alarming enough, nearly 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the world’s oceans every year.

In an effort to reduce plastic consumption and protect the environment, Saudi Arabia has launched the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). Within just three years of its inception, the SGI has emerged as a frontrunner in the regional environmental protection endeavours. 


The Circular Economy Vision:

The linear model of economic growth is characterised by the extraction of materials from the natural environment, their subsequent processing, utilisation, and eventual disposal. However this system has exhibited significant shortcomings. In response to these glaring drawbacks, a more sustainable approach in the form of a circular economy is being championed. While the linear model has historically been effective in generating material wealth, it has become increasingly evident in recent years that its adverse impact on resources and the environment is unsustainable.

Saudi Arabia has awakened to the necessity of transitioning to a circular economy and has put forth a number of initiatives to reduce waste, promote resource efficiency, and encourage recycling to lessen the burden on the environment. This proactive approach reflects the Kingdom's commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management in the face of pressing environmental challenges. 

KSAs new sustainable approach

Investing in a Circular Economy:

With its strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental preservation, Saudi Arabia is proving to be a supportive backdrop for investments in the circular economy. Investors who align with the Kingdom's goals for a greener and more sustainable future can not only contribute to positive environmental change but also gain profitable returns on their investments. These investment opportunities include but aren’t limited to recycling facilities, waste-to-energy projects, sustainable packaging plants, sustainable farming, resource recovery, sustainable transport, and innovation. 

Investors seeking to amplify their product's impact in the thriving Saudi Arabian market will find a strategic partner in Crowd. Our wide ranging support services for Plastic Oceans International and Breathe Conservation resulted in raising awareness of marine plastic pollution and the huge challenges faced by our oceans. Read all about it here.

To help raise awareness of the problems of single-use plastic, Footprint, a US company dedicated to creating sustainable packaging solutions along with team Crowd made it our mission to expose the true impact of plastic on the environment. Read here.

With a deep understanding of KSA's unique cultural nuances, market dynamics,  consumer behaviour and sustainability we offer a tailored approach to ensure your product reaches its full potential. Saudi Arabia's dynamic and rapidly evolving market presents an incredible opportunity, and together, we can unlock the immense potential of the KSA market.

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