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Property Industry Collaborations

16 Aug 2023

Sophie Robson

Head of Innovation

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The property industry is embracing collaboration, combining experience, skills and expertise. Collaboration in the property industry enables several things; a streamlining of processes, greater project fluidity, and the ability for projects to ultimately be delivered to a higher standard adding value and innovative ideas to raise the bar.

CROWD X BaYOu X China Merchants Group Collab

Crowd collaborated with BaYou in China - an independent technology company that specialises in offering immersive and detailed 3D visualisation to deliver an enhanced experience using real-time 3D model to empower the real estate industry with immersive experience.

BaYou&Crowd worked with China Merchants Group to develop an immersive and interactive 3D model for their new workplace. The 3D model enables the most accurate view of their workplace, creating efficiency in the viewing process.  

CROWD X BaYOu X China Railway Construction Corporation Collab

CROWD X BaYOu X China Railway Construction Corporation Collab

BaYou&Crowd worked with China Railway Construction Corporation, providing an authentic preview of their building's surroundings and interiors prior to construction commencement to enhance the customer experience. By integrating a 3D interactive visualisation directly, individuals were able to explore and experience future properties from any location and at their convenience.

CROWD X BaYOu X LanJiang Wutong Real Estate Collab

CROWD X BaYOu X LanJiang Wutong Real Estate Collab

BaYou&Crowd developed a real-time 3D model for LanJiang Wutong real estate. The 3D model provides the best user experience, and enables people to fully understand the available investment properties and flats from all perspectives through an immersive and interactive virtual tour.  

CROWD X BaYOu X Yun Jing Collab

CROWD X BaYOu X Yun Jing Collab

BaYou&Crowd created a 3D showhouse for Yun Jing. The 3D showhouse allows people to immerse themselves in various room decoration styles from different angles while also showcasing the solar path throughout the day and year. This enables viewers to clearly observe when sunlight will reach different parts of the property and when it will be obstructed by nearby objects, creating shade.


The real-time 3D models allow real estate companies to update and change the assets/content at anytime, which provide the most up-to-date information and accurate architectural models to their viewers.

Benefits of applying real-time 3D models for the real-estate industry

For the local market: 

  1. Save money. Real estate companies do not need to invest in building an architectural model. The 3D models can be used for different properties by updating the content. 
  2. The 3D models can be used on various devices and systems, such as desktop, LED screens, laptop, tablets, phones and both IOS, Android systems. 
  3. VR and metaverse are compatible with the 3D models, which will provide the best and the most advanced user’s experience. 

For the international market:

  1. Save money and time. A 3D model enables brands to provide property viewing for people all around the world. People can view the property ubiquitously, as long as a device is available. 
  2. The 3D models can be used on different devices/systems and shared with viewers at any location.
  3. The accuracy of the 3D models enable all viewers to fully understand the property without being in the sales centre physically.

BaYou&Crowd developed a Metahuman Editor

What is Metahuman and how does it works?

BaYou&Crowd developed a user-friendly Metahuman Editor, which creates a digital human version. Metahumans come in two types: fully tailor-made metahuman and fully recuperated metahuman based on pictures. These metahumans serve as exclusive brand IPs, capable of embodying a brand's image, elevating its reputation, and generating added value. Leveraging their uniqueness, metahumans can actively participate in conferences, live streaming shows, and other events, effectively engaging with guests and audiences as brand representatives.


The Metahuman Editor offers a wide array of facial expressions and body moves that seamlessly integrate with the majority of metahumans. To enhance the experience further, BaYou&Crowd integrated a Text-to-Speech (TTS) cloud into the Editor. Users can simply type in the chat box, and the metahuman will automatically articulate the text in preset language and accent with a natural mouth movement.

In addition, AIGC is applied on metahuman, the metahuman can learn from humans, engage with humans based on their digital emotions and knowledge.

To learn how your property business can create an impactful collaboration applying real-time 3D models and Metahuman contact CROWD.

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