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Artificial Intelligence: Paid Media’s New Best Friend?

4 Dec 2023

Izzi Anwell

Social Media Executive

Integrating some form of paid media into your marketing strategy is a necessity if you are looking to expand your brand reach, beyond what you receive from earned media, optimise your content and maximise your return on investment [ROI] Effectively, implementing a paid media strategy is a way by which companies can ensure that, if not organically, their content and message is being seen and received by their audiences, gaining exposure. Paid media can be implemented using a variety of different mediums such as sponsored social media posts, display ads or pop up’s, all of which usually require extensive research and auditing before they can be rolled out. Research is incredibly important when it comes to paid media as, in order for your efforts to be effective, your company needs to know its audience inside out, where they gather, where they come from and how they like to receive information. Without this knowledge, your message will simply fall on deaf ears. 

Up until this point, said research and general paid campaign set up has always been done manually however now professionals are now looking to AI to expedite this process. What a shock, AI strikes again. 

Here are some ways AI can be used within the paid media space…

1. Auditing  

As we know, machine learning technologies have the unique ability to scan through high volumes of data at the click of a button. For paid media this means accessing the best platforms and target audiences quickly and releasing content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. As well as this, AI can be used to analyse conversion patterns, performance data and user behaviour, all contributing to the generation of the perfect ad. 

2. SEO Optimisation 

SEO is integral to an effective digital marketing campaign as it helps to drive traffic to and from your website and position your brand in the direct eyeline of prospective consumers. AI can employ natural language processing algorithms to automatically generate keywords and search terms used by your audiences, immediately improving traffic and click through rates. And that’s just one method!

3. Design

AI is known for its ability to generate weird and wacky, sometimes futuristic images but did you know that it can also create tailored images, perfect to draw in your audience as well? Through detailed and extensive analysis of user preference and current trends, AI can create tailored, targeted visuals, enhancing the overall effectiveness and popularity of your ads.

4. Analytics 

Gone are the days of monitoring campaigns around the clock using sometimes uncooperative, fiddly analytics platforms, AI can do it all for you! AI can provide you with key data insights, performance metrics and put it all together into a detailed, comprehensive report. 

Of course, despite its brilliance, we can’t leave AI to do all the work with campaigns still needing a human touch here and there. AI generated content still needs to be carefully reviewed and monitored to ensure that the true message and personality of a company isn't being lost and meaningful connections between brand and consumer are being maintained. 

If you would like to know more about how you can integrate paid media into your next campaign and how AI could assist in this process, get in touch with us today! 

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