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Natural language optimisation in Social and SEO

19 Mar 2019

Jamie Sergeant

Global CEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media marketing have major benefits on brand perception often forming first or second touch points and are worth spending some time on to get right.

Implementing a good SEO strategy into your marketing plan is crucial to increasing visitors to your site, as well as secondarily improving the user experience and usability of your website.

How SEO can support your social media marketing

Use keywords in your social updates In the same way as you would optimise an article you may be publishing, or other content on your website, social posts can attract more engagement through using specific keywords. In trying to improve the discoverability to the article or website you have published, you are relying upon the users interest in searching that specific topic for your social post to be found.

Another way to improve discoverability is through the use of questions in your social posts; it will increase engagement as it is human instinct to, even internally, ask a question through a search. As we have seen Google is basing a lot of results on answering questions as a strategy linked to voice search.

Know your audience

Analytical tools can indicate why your users visit your website, who they are and which content they interact with most. Through using this knowledge, your social media can be improved through creating and promoting the social media marketing assets effectively.

These analytical tools are a great way to better understand how to engage your customers and which of the calls-to-action should be implemented on your social media landing pages.

Use social media to be social

Social media is created exactly for that be social! Use it to talk to your followers, instead of just informing them of company news.

The use of polls and the use of natural-language optimisation can really increase the interactivity and shareability. Due to the increase of voice searches, using everyday language (as if you are talking to someone) will make your work much more discoverable.

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