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Meet our Newest Green Shoots: The Final Quarter

15 Nov 2023

Izzi Anwell

Social Media Executive

Over the years, our team has continued to expand as we welcome new talent from across the world. Throughout this year alone, our workforce has grown by 51% and we are not slowing down!

Before we meet our newest newbies, it is important for us to express our immense gratitude to our HR and Culture manager Lorna Goonery, who has recently left Crowd after a wonderful 18 months. We all wish her the very best on her next journey.

Right, let's go! We are delighted to introduce…

From our UK Team:

Name: Tamsin Johnson 
Role: Marketing Assistant, Studies: Media and Communications BA (Hons), 
Hometown: Maidstone, Kent, UK

I am in my third year at Bournemouth University, studying Media and Communications. Currently, undergoing a placement here at Crowd for a year, before I graduate in 2025! In my spare time, I’ll be walking my dog, drinking tea and watching Netflix.

From our UAE Team:

Name: Prachi Ramchandani
Studied: Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, University of Wollongong in Dubai
Role: Paid Media Executive
Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An adaptable marketing professional with over 4 years of experience crafting and executing innovative integrated marketing campaigns. Proficient in Digital Strategy, Advertising, Social Media Management, and partnership marketing. 

Name: Soukaina Benlamlih
Studies: Masters in advertising 
Role: Creative direction

A creative director, hyper-polyglotte and globe trotter. Analytical mind, passionate about problem solving at a scale.

Name: Sidharth Paurana (Sid)
Role: Content Producer
Studies: Indian Institute of Planning and Management ( Business management and communication, MA)
Hometown: Mumbai, India.

After working as a process analyst for 24 months post my management degree in 2012. I’ve spent the past decade honing skills in film making by working as a cinematographer and photographer for advertising and narrative film making industry in India.

Crowd New

Name: Zainah Yassin
Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information, and a Minor in Middle Eastern Film History
Role: Account Manager

Palestinian-American Account Manager based in Dubai with extensive experience in leading large scale influencer marketing projects across the region. Diving deep into 360 marketing and well connected to turn prospects into full time returning clients.

Name: Bhupesh Motwani
Studies: Masters in Business Analytics, University of Wollongong 
Role: Finance Data Analyst 

Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Analytics at the University of Wollongong. Love to deep dive into data and find valuable insights. Passionate about collecting sneakers and travelling around the world.

From our EU Team…

Name: Johny Mohamed Gaouse Jakkir Hussain
Role: Social Media Executive
Studies: INSEEC University (International Business Management)
Hometown: Kottakuppam, India.

A Paris-based Social Media Executive with a knack for B2B marketing. Started off in e-commerce, then dipped my toes into Artificial Intelligence marketing, and now weaving B2B strategies. Also, as a movie buff, I am always ready with my tub of popcorn and snacks every Friday night.

Name: Jessie Garrido Broome
Studies: Double degree in Economics and Journalism/Communication. Master in Digital Marketing.
Role: Social Media Intern
Hometown: Almería, Spain 

After finishing my double degree I started an internship with the European Commission in The Netherlands. I then decided to study a remote Digital Marketing Master while experiencing London. Shortly after, I decided to move back to The Netherlands where I am currently based.

And that's a wrap for now!

We can’t promise that we won’t pick up any more brainboxes before the end of the year but don't worry, if we do, you’ll know about it.

We are looking forward to another year of growth and global expansion. If you would like to join us and help us on our journey, keep an eye on our latest vacancies here, or if you just want to be nosey and check out the rest of our team, head over to our website.

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