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Let Crowd guide your brand’s Web3 journey

22 Aug 2022

Jamie Sergeant

Global CEO

Our clients, in common with most, know they need to be in Web3,” says Crowd CEO Jamie Sergeant. “But they don't yet know what their next steps might be. 

“What we do is steer them towards the best use-cases.”

For sergeant, this can sometimes mean ‘do nothing now. Except plan. “We help map out the territory and identify the opportunity,” he says.

“For some of our larger client brands, that can mean things like in-game advertising in the Metaverse as a first step. We help them access what's happening as it evolves beyond the advertising available with PlayStation or Xbox. We help with product placement too. 

“The aim is to help brands work out how to become relevant to these new audiences.

But there is another side to Crowd’s work. “We use our data tools to identify who those target audiences are and get our clients in front of them. That's everything from community management to building trust,” Sergeant continues. 

“There's some amazing technology out there. Our job is to break it down and humanise it, so that people can understand what it represents.

It also means the client becoming a source of trust for Web3 communities itself.

“It's only one weapon in the arsenal, though. “You need to build up all the other trust signals as well.

“Influencers have a bad rep at the moment,” he says. “But if an influencer markets something that they clearly believe in, are upfront about, and have a strong track record, then identifying them and working with them is a good way of building that trust. 

“But it's one weapon in the arsenal. You need to build up all the other trust signals as well.”

So what are these?

‘Social Proof’ is one means: Using traditional in-person events and posting about them so that potential customers can see that you are who you say you are. 

In the era of hacked discord servers this is important. 

Read the full interview in the Crowd Web3 Magazine here.

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