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Le Clos: audience targeting for conversions

18 Mar 2020

Tom Berne

Managing Director (UAE)

Who are Le Clos?

Le Clos are one of the world’s leading fine grape and luxury spirits stores. Based primarily in duty-free shopping spaces, Le Clos aims to provide an experience for its patrons to view it’s extensive range while considering its rare selections, before departing onward on their journey. Le Clos also makes use of an online order system, for travellers to place their purchases to collect at the airport as they pass through.


With the winter season in the United Arab Emirates in full swing, Le Clos approached Crowd with two challenges, with the intent on taking advantage of the increase in travel traffic to their airport outlets:
  • Le Clos needed to increase the sale of products to airport travellers coming from the United Kingdom to Dubai.
  • The brand would also need to be enhanced to this audience at the same time, emphasising the Le Clos brand quality, legitimacy and authenticity within the travellers from UK arriving in UAE.


Crowd Dubai would approach this conversation and campaign carefully, to ensure that the most appropriate audience was targeted in our campaign, while still ensuring the most profitable response from that audience.

We took an online promotional approach, with the goal of attracting in-store customers and purchases.

To do this, we focused on three core communications pillars:

  • A messaging emphasis on click and collect on arrival in Dubai with the use of discount code. This method would help track how many visitors arriving from the UK went into the store to purchase after seeing our online ad placement and how many people made a purchase online after seeing our ads.
  • Our messaging would also focus on the idea of enjoying ones favourite drink on holiday, even though people may have a wrong perception around UAE and alcohol consumption, we would attempt to change that narrative.
  • Using the tagline of ‘Happiness is...’ to grab our audience’s attention in our creative, such as: ‘Happiness is… enjoying your favourite drink on holiday’

The core messages were promoted through Google Ad placements primarily and retargeted through Facebook and Instagram advertising. The retargeted audience would be those users who may have shown interest in MMI or Le Clos in the past by engaging with their online content.

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