Hosting your site in China: a new website launch for the Dubai Government

#Web Design & Build
BY Jensen Yan
Managing Director (China)
9 Jul 2020

Having a presence in key markets around the world means that we can help clients in one market make inroads into another. For this project we helped a Dubai client set up in China with assistance from the UK.

We recently launched a new site into China for the Dubai FDI which continues our long working relationship with that department of the Dubai

Government. Recognising that businesses in China are looking for a gateway to the West, the Dubai FDI asked us to prepare an adapted version of their successful Dubai Advantage website which looks to attract investors into the Emirate from the rest of the world.

Establishing a web presence within China is no easy task however, with a complex and detailed process of domain registration and web space set up behind the so-called ‘great firewall’.

In addition to the main site, we set up the WeChat account and a mini program as these are essential for any organisation looking to get a foothold in the Chinese market where the WeChat app is ubiquitous.

Our team in China handled all the administrative tasks on behalf of the client as well as the content translation and our technical team in the UK managed the build which our full-time developer based in Ukraine prepared.

A truly international project from our talented team around the world demonstrating our efficient working practices and communication across 4 time zones.

Joining Crowd after completing his Masters Degree, Jensen heads our offices in China and works with clients looking for expertise in the Chinese market as well as Chinese clients looking to market themselves outside of China.

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