Taking to the Skies - Drone Marketing 101

#Marketing Insights
BY Emma Glazier
Head of Marketing
5 Oct 2017

The domestic drone is gaining in popularity. As armies of quadcopters soar to the skies equipped with 4k cameras we look at the opportunities it provides for making a big impact in your marketing.

Long gone are the days where a helicopter shot accompanied by a stabilising gimbal is a wonder of technology and where David Attenborough documentaries are the only medium where one can be an eye in the sky. Now, anyone can utilise this technology, capturing breathtakingly beautiful shots. This provides an opportunity for new 'Drone Marketing' as global digital marketing agencies like Crowd recognise how the use of drones can be an advantage to clients and their campaigns.

Using footage shot by a drone on your website or online campaign can create an aesthetically beautiful visual that naturally lures people in and keeps them in. Providing a new perspective on the world can be a definite attention grabber.

If a consumer sees anything shot by drone, it automatically adds a sense of professionalism and elegance to whatever it is attached to.  It makes the material look new, fresh and cool.

Here are a few of my favourite shots captured during my time piloting a drone.

1). Looking straight down on a familiar scene provides a unique perspective and causes the viewer to stop and look more closely than they might have done from a more traditional view.

2). Drones can give you the height to make beautiful scenery even more amazing.

3). Even closer to the ground drones can give you dynamic angles and impactful imagery.

4). The top down viewpoint can deliver a new angle on dynamic activities such as spinning in this Crazy Cart. 

However, the best use for a drone that I have found is indeed dipping a biscuit in a cup of tea...

Drone marketing is here and it's here to stay, so if you want to include the use of drone photo/videography in your businesses marketing strategy then get in touch.

Emma has been leading specialist digital teams in different global markets to deliver a world-class product for clients. She has experience across travel, entertainment, automotive, retail and consumer electronics sectors.

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