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Crowd X Mach’N Festival

6 Jul 2023

Natalie Ellis

Account Director

2000 guests, 125 speakers, 4 stages, 2 days.

On Thursday 29th, Crowd were lucky enough to be in attendance at the amazing Mach’n Festival in Leipzig, Germany. This was in support of our client Spreadshop, who produced the event merchandising, interviewed attending Startup founders, ran a booth to meet the crowds and were part of discussion panels on Fashtiontech and sustainable innovations. All whilst offering ice creams from the Spreadshop sponsored mini ice-cream truck!

The festival, set up in support of technology, business, and arts, was hosted in an old cotton mill that now serves as a creative space for startups and independent galleries. 

At Mach’n it served another purpose though, and was instead host to discussions around AI, marketing, SAAS, climates and sustainability, and many other interesting subjects. There were workshops, talks, and even live music!

It’s always inspiring to get a look into what the future is shaping up to be, and events like these are a great way to connect with the industry as a whole.

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