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Crowd speaks at Innovation Summit on Sustainability Panel

17 Nov 2022

Xena Watts

Marketing Assistant

Sophie Robson, our head of innovation, spoke at this year's Future of Innovation Summit in Dubai. This two day event was founded by Adnan Al Noorani as a platform to remove barriers between the Government and Private Sector and promote collaboration. 

Robson spoke on the Sustainability in Web3 panel, discussing the opportunities for sustainable innovations in the retail and fashion industry. It is a very insightful topic with many factors that will affect our future, thinking about how brands need to focus on sustainable practices and initiatives across both physical supply chains and digital blockchains.

Innovation Summit
The event began with an opening speech from H.E Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park):

“We are at a fascinating point in time in the Middle East. International businesses are seeing the opportunity for growth, signalled by Amazon's entry into the Region. I strongly believe that knowledge (and the knowledge economy) is a prerequisite for growth, and it is something that we should all undoubtedly invest in. In Sharjah, UAE, we have embarked on this ambitious University City as a foundation for nurturing talent. Now, through collaboration and partnerships, we are building an ecosystem that aims to generate innovation, engaging a community of businesses that connect, work and thrive in the SRTI Park. We support business growth by building an attractive and sustainable park, a global destination for innovation and technology with world-class infrastructure and services. We invite International Companies to be part of our growing ecosystem. As a CEO, and a Government official we are committed to making Sharjah's innovation hub in the UAE sustainable, progressive, and prosperous. We are building future ventures, and the future is bright!” 

H.E. Hussain Al Mahmoudi.

The 2022 summit hosted 1,390 attendees, with global and semi-government leaders, decision makers of international organisations and 110+ global, expert speakers and thought leaders, including; Paul Dawalibi, CEO of Holodeck Ventures, Manya Pamnani, Chief Advisory and Innovation Officer at Dubai Cultiv8 Investments Limited, Aviad Tamir, Head of Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission to the UAE.  It was a great privilege to be part of this inspiring event, and share our insights into sustainable innovations - a topic that will become increasingly important for brands across the globe.

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