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Crowd Partners with Creative Technology: Elevating Innovation in Live Productions with Cutting-Edge Web Design

7 Aug 2023

Izzi Anwell

Social Media Executive

We at Crowd are proud to have recently partnered with “Creative Technology”, an innovative technical production company that provides its customers with advanced technological and operational support for a variety of live productions, with events and installations. CT has offices strategically located in most major events markets across the globe, delivering cutting-edge equipment and technical expertise for video, LED, audio, lighting and systems integration services to a variety of clients.

CT is passionate about design, problem-solving and pushing boundaries while using the latest technologies to turn creative ideas into technical reality. With the depth and resources to support a global reach, CT remains focussed on delivering with a local touch that their partners and clients can depend on.  All of this in support of their mission to deliver premium, sustainable solutions across the globe by attracting the best talent, and constantly challenging their team to grow and learn. 

Using our seasoned experience of global markets and marketing, we set out to create CT a website which would champion their unique services, clearly setting them apart from their competitors, positioning them at the top of the pile. This master site would allow each region to build on it with their own content, specific to their country and audience, whilst maintaining consistency across the board. 

The secondary focus of the website for CT was to enthuse their audiences by effectively communicating the value and benefits that they could deliver through their work. To help them communicate this, CT asked us to create a feature where users could collate content gathered from the website, saving it to a personalised board. This feature would allow users to store information with the intent to share the content with colleagues, friends or prospective clients as inspiration. An inspiration board. 

Our work with CT commenced in October of 2022, after carrying out detailed research and auditing regarding the company's audiences and competitive environment. Detailed strategy revision and branding then began, after which we handed over to the design team. Our design team began with the key foundations of the website, building the necessary wire frames and architectural elements, then the variety of interactive components which would feature throughout the website. 

It was important for us that many of these components, interactive or otherwise, featured stunning visuals, showcasing some of CT’s previous work and thus their undeniable capability. Months of development, testing and content addition ensued until the website was ready to launch in June of 2023. We believe that this is actually just the start of a long and fulfilling partnership with Creative Technology and that our knowledge and experience can continue to aid in the leverage of CT’s position within the industry.

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