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Crowd is helping Nefsy feed the world

13 Feb 2020

Jamie Sergeant

Global CEO

What is Nefsy?

Nefsy is a food app, with a humanitarian problem to solve. Nefsy was founded by the entrepreneur: Khalid Diab, on the idea that for every meal purchased and enjoyed at a restaurant through the Nefsy App, would also feed someone else in need.

By using the Nefsy app, users are helping feed those in need, by feeding themselves. All users are also rewarded with certificates that tell them how many people they have helped feed by using the app.

A Vision to Feed the World:

Nefsy founder and owner: Khaild Diab approached Crowd with a specific challenge, one that at its core required a solution and an agency that understood people and their behaviours in such a way as to ensure Nefsy’s continued success.

To ensure that Nefsy’s vision was realised, the app itself required:

  • An increased active daily users, and thus, increase sales through the app
  • Increase the volume of downloads
  • Improve the reach and understanding of what Nefsy is and does for the end-user and the world. (This was a secondary goal for Crowd, and was offered in conjunction with the first two as a way of improving long-term adoption).

Everyone Eats with Nefsy:

To meet this challenge, Crowd develops a three-fold plan and coined it:

“Everyone Eats with Nefsy”, with the aim of increasing daily active users, attract new users to download the app and increase the brand awareness to the general public through digital media.

Crowd developed a series of creative assets, both static imagery, and animated video, to be used on Facebook and Instagram to drive downloads and user engagement.

Each piece of creative was developed in a way to provide a positive attitude toward eating food and doing good for the world by dining in.

All creative assets were segmented into their own optimised ad sets and targeted based on location and demographics for optimal results as per food preferences.

All assets, in this case, would work at driving users to download the Nefsy app through social media channels and Google display network.

While social media and Google display network drove new users to the app, Crowd also employed the Insider push notification system:

Push notifications would be customised in such a way as to feed unique messages based on the geo-location of each Nefsy partner restaurant, thus, giving the user an opportunity to eat at that outlet and use Nefsy when they are nearby.

In addition to the geo-centric targeting of push notifications, Crowd also employed general reminder messages, aimed at reminding users to return to the app during meal times throughout the day. (but in a way that wasn’t spammy)

Both techniques ensured that new users also became returning customers.

To support our overall download effort, and thus, increase the volume of users returning and spending on Nefsy, Crowd also launched Google Playstore and Apple App Store promotions; effectively contributing to 70% of all total downloads by the conclusion of the campaign.

At the conclusion of a short campaign, Nefsy increased its average daily users by 751% and increased total downloads of the app by over 6000%.

The increases in activity and downloads are due to Crowd’s ad placements driving user downloads, and push platforms working in tandem to increase daily activity, generating a runaway effect of growth and message distribution and use.

Nefsy currently works with Crowd and continues to update its overall app experience and add value to its new and returning audience.

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