Crowd helps businesses succeed in China

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BY Jensen Yan
Managing Director (China)
4 Dec 2019

Crowd hosted a free workshop with the aim of equipping attendees with advice on how to evolve their business and succeed in China.

This event provided great networking opportunities with companies that have seen their business grow in the Chinese market, as well as advice on how to sell online, getting brands China-ready, required investment, success stories from our guest speaker and much more advice from experienced business leaders.

The event was held in partnership with AFC Bournemouth, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), BCP Council, Crowd, Department of International Trade (DIT), Dorset Gateway and Dorset Chamber.

Why China?

China is one of the world’s largest markets, having a potential audience size of 1.4 billion people. Moreover, China is one of the largest digital hubs in the world and is home to one-third of the world’s Asian specific industry leaders. This means that those who want to grow business and significantly increase sales should seriously consider entering the Chinese market.

After the event, attendees left with more detailed knowledge of these key topics covered in the talks:

  • IP and legal company formation
  • Financial advice and potential Chinese investment
  • Branding and marketing for the Chinese market
  • Government help and partnerships
  • Local support for Dorset based businesses
  • China insights and help on the ground

We had David Masters from Imagemakers as our guest speaker who talked about his journey to marketing in China. Also presenting their Chinese business knowledge at the event were Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO at Crowd, Jamie Shaw from China Britain-Business Council (CBBC), and Lilly Ruojing from Crowd.

There's no doubt that the Chinese market is difficult to get a foot hold in, but it's not impossible and with the right advice, the rewards are great.

Joining Crowd after completing his Masters Degree, Jensen heads our offices in China and works with clients looking for expertise in the Chinese market as well as Chinese clients looking to market themselves outside of China.

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