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Crowd featured in Experience UK On Main Street Brochure: Highlighting Experiential Marketing and Event Amplification

5 Jun 2024

Jamie Sergeant

Global CEO

We're thrilled to announce that Crowd has been featured in the latest edition of Experience UK On Main Street annual Brochure, showcasing innovative solutions for revitalising public spaces! This recognition reflects our growing expertise in experiential marketing, a perfect fit with the brochure's theme of reimagining the high street experience.

A Spotlight on Experiential Retail

This edition of Experience UK dives deep into the changing landscape of retail, exploring how public spaces are evolving to become more immersive and engaging. It highlights the shift from traditional shopping experiences to those that prioritise customer connection and brand storytelling. The featured solutions provide valuable insights for businesses and organisations seeking to revitalise their spaces and enhance the overall customer experience.


Elevating Events and Destinations

At Crowd, we're passionate about creating powerful brand experiences that resonate with different audiences. Our event amplification services ensure your events leave a lasting impression.

Here's how we help you achieve event amplification success:

  • Comprehensive Event Coverage: We capture the energy and excitement of your event through high-quality photography and videography.
  • Strategic Social Media Calendar: We develop a tailored social media plan to maximize event buzz and engagement before, during, and after the event.
  • Memorable Online Presence: We ensure your event is perfectly documented for online marketing materials, allowing you to extend its reach and impact.


Crowd's Global Impact

Our commitment to experiential marketing extends far beyond the UK high street. We've partnered with destinations worldwide, including First Street Napa in California, to revitalise their brand identity and attract visitors.

For First Street Napa, we crafted a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Rejuvenated Brand Identity: We developed a fresh brand mark and visual language that reflected the unique character of the area.
  • Experiential Events: We designed engaging events that brought the community together and showcased the best of First Street Napa.
  • Strategic Marketing Materials: We created a suite of marketing materials, including signage and digital content, to attract investors and visitors alike.

The Crowd Advantage: Expertise, Passion, and Results

Our inclusion in Experience On Main street is a testament to our dedication to creating impactful experiences. With a blend of big-agency expertise and boutique-style service, Crowd delivers high-quality solutions that leave a lasting impression and impact.

We're a B Corp-certified company, prioritising sustainability and data security. Additionally, our ISO (27010) certification ensures the highest level of information security for our clients.

Crowds Global Impact

Let Crowd Elevate Your Brand Experience

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