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Crowd and Dubai Duty-Free Welcome the World

3 Mar 2020

Tom Berne

Managing Director (UAE)

Dubai Duty-Free, Welcomes the World

Dubai Duty-Free is a keystone of Dubai International Airports’ retail outlets and operates as the go-to retail destination for returning residents and global travellers through Dubai. The retailer that quite literally; welcomes the world to Dubai.

Promotion at United Arab Emirates National Day:

Dubai Duty-Free needed to take full advantage of the United Arab Emirates National Day holiday: a holiday that historically has generated a high volume of foot traffic through the Dubai Airports, and thus, the marketing radius of Dubai Duty-Free. UAE families use National Day to take brief holidays around the region and are already in a position to purchase duty-free items. Dubai Duty-Free looked to be the first option for that buying choice during this time.

Influencer Collaboration:

To take advantage of National Day, Crowd worked with local social media influencer: Noha Nabil; @Nohastyleicon, and would shoot original Instagram and Snapchat Story format video creative within Dubai Airports. The promotion of products and brand would take place through the use of a custom QR Code through social content: Noha would take a photo of herself in a duty-free shop with shopping bags in both her hands, indicating the reward of the campaign. Crowd would then place the QR code on one of the bags so that Noha’s followers would have the opportunity to scan the post and redeem the discount.  

Creative Process:

The video content used on Noha’s account would begin with a big shopping bag covering a key part of the influencer's photograph, with the text overlay: "Guess who's got a surprise for you". The shopping bag would animate out of the screen revealing the influencer with shopping bags in both her hands and QR code on one of the bags with the text: "Enjoy your shopping at Dubai Duty-Free".

Story Promotion

High-quality creative developed for Noha’s channels, lining up with Noha’s world-class standards, of which would be angled to be as “organic” in nature, removing some gloss to increase relatability and thus, the engagement of that content. Crowd continues to collaborate with regional influencers in its niche campaigns for clients such as Razor, Fujifilm and other sales-driven campaigns.

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