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An Unforgettable Team-Building Experience in Marrakech

14 Jun 2023

Kyle Anderson

Social Media Manager

As a global agency, Crowd embraces a hybrid working model, allowing our teams to work together seamlessly across different countries and time zones.

Recently, the Crowd Europe team, made up of members from 10 countries speaking over 11 languages, and working totally remotely, took the time to meet in person for the first time as a full team.

  • Crowd in Marrakech
  • Crowd in Marrakech

In a survey conducted by TINYpulse, 86% of remote workers who met their coworkers in person reported having stronger working relationships and better overall teamwork. Face-to-face interactions can enhance trust, communication, and camaraderie within remote teams.

This is why it was crucial for our team to take a few days of our time to spend some quality time with each other. And what better place for this to happen than the beautiful city of Marrakech, perfectly located at the midpoint for our members spread across Europe and South Africa.  

Marrakesh, known for its rich history and diverse culture, provided the perfect backdrop for our team-building adventure. We enjoyed exciting day tours to gorgeous historical landmarks, explored bustling marketplaces and savoured delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine while developing deeper relationships with each other. The unspoken cues, genuine smiles, and shared experiences virtually strengthened our already-established bonds.

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Our trip was not just about immersing ourselves in the local culture; we also participated in team-building activities, from leadership development to problem-solving games. These activities gave us the opportunity to understand each other's unique personalities and created lasting memories.

Not just for the team, in-person group building activities also benefit clients. Remote teams recognise the importance of in-person meetings to build relationships and foster collaboration. The stronger relationships and trust we developed during this experience have translated into smoother collaboration and increased productivity.

Our trip to Marrakech highlighted the importance of in-person meetings for remote teams. The bonds we formed, the shared experiences, and the increased sense of connection all contribute to a more united and efficient team.

We can't wait for the next one!

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