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Amplify Your Event Presence with Crowd

22 Sep 2023

Kyle Anderson

Social Media Manager

Throughout this year, Crowd Europe has been amplifying demand everywhere.

Apart from supplying our international roster of clients with the finest in digital marketing, recently, Crowd Europe introduced a new service offering, putting our client’s event activities on the map.. 

Drum roll, please… 

Crowd Europe has officially launched an event amplification offering, where our team of specialised event gurus capture the moment for clients at their respective tradeshows and events, taking their activities online for the world to see. 

From live streaming to minute-by-minute event coverage, Crowd Europe is transforming offline events into interactive digital experiences where anyone can now stay engaged with events from the comfort of their homes.

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending RE+, the largest renewables event in North America, hosted in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

It was there that Crowd Europe made a significant impact on event amplification for a tier-1 energy storage client.

At RE+, we tailored our services to meet our client's unique needs, offering comprehensive support that included bespoke landing pages, video production, cutting-edge design, social media takeovers, paid media campaigns, and even scriptwriting for interviews.

At Crowd Europe, every event is a new adventure. We thrive on creativity and innovation, ensuring that there is never a moment missed.

Do you have an upcoming event that needs a unique and out-of-the-box amplification strategy?

Get in touch with #TeamCrowd, we’ve got you covered. 

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