Agency Life: Crowd Eats!

#Crowd Culture
BY Adam Smithson
Managing Director Europe
8 Sep 2021

We love staying connected with our team at Crowd. Every Thursday, after our morning calls we have a weekly competition with the global team, Crowd Eats! Team members post into our group their best meal that week and by using a poll, a winner is chosen. Points and favourites are made from creativity, presentation, dietary requirements and humour! Winners receive a £50 food voucher to go and treat themselves to eat out. 

Crowd Eats Agency Culture


We have had so much fun with this so far! From impressions of Gordon Ramsay and burnt pasta to Gourmet meals out and homemade worldwide dishes. It helps our team think creatively with their photography, innovation and TikTok videos and creates a buzzing environment within the team.

The standards have risen each week as the team gets more competitive and favour what the judges might like. Dogs and cats always give more votes to a dish, or you can get the divided votes between the meat eaters and the vegans.

And sometimes our talented team excel themselves as in the example from Joyce below from our Dubai team...



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