A Lesson In The Wrong Extended Customer Journey

#Travel & Tourism
BY Jet Weevers
Managing Director (NL)
16 Apr 2021

Last summer I had a trip scheduled for work to go to Madrid, but my flight was cancelled two weeks in advance as the capital of Spain went into lockdown. When trying to look for my options, I had to reach out to customer support as my specific case was not explained in the online FAQs and documentation.

Various support members tried to help me. The first person was no use, nor the second. It was the third person that solved everything.

What became apparent was that some staff members simply weren’t properly trained and didn’t follow their own procedures.

My user experience with this big travel agency simply didn’t meet my standards or expectations. I’ll think twice before booking with them again, specifically in these uncertain times when you simply don’t know what is going to happen a few weeks in advance.

In November 2019, a friend had contacted me to say she was getting married and invited me to the wedding, scheduled for December 2020. It was lucky I didn’t book straight away, because then Covid struck. Only when things started to improve slightly and the wedding came closer, I decided to book.

Since I have had a bad experience with the one travel agency, I looked at using another one and booked with them.

Only two days before leaving, the Dutch government announced a new rule meaning that my trip (flight plus accommodation) was fully cancelled.

We would still be able to go, but we had to rebook for the whole group, only two days before leaving.

The travel agency I booked with this time was brilliant. They’ve been really accommodating throughout. Their online information was up to date, their chat and customer support was easily accessible and the team members were all well informed.

In short, the information they provided, at every step of the customer journey, gave me the confidence to travel.

Done the right way, integrated communications and customer support will keep people, including myself, travelling - whether for leisure or business. In these days of uncertainty and worry, without good support, they won’t.

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