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A Gorilla Marketing Success Story - Sumsub’s video campaign features fraud as a beast to be tackled.

2 May 2024

Tom Berne

Managing Director (UAE)

Introducing the furry foe of fraud. A mischievous gorilla and metaphorical embodiment of online criminality that wreaks havoc in the digital business world.

The creation of Crowd UAE (, this naughty (yet oddly endearing) creature represents pure chaos and the wide-ranging disruption that online fraudsters can bring.

However, as our beastly antagonist gets ready to pounce on an unsuspecting world, we learn how Sumsub, a global leader in digital transaction security and ID theft prevention, is armed and ready to beat the beast and offer protection to businesses everywhere.

The Mission

Sumsub's mission is clear. To power a people-friendly digital future by providing the world’s best verification platform services - helping businesses of all sizes optimise fraud prevention measures and to negate incidences of identity theft.

The Challenge

To raise Sumsub’s brand awareness and generate business interest, targeting medium to large-scale enterprises in the Fintech, Trading, and Crypto industries in the APAC region.

Companies in these sectors work with customers from a wide range of countries, often with specific verification challenges, so user security is paramount. Sumsub’s technology streamlines both the customer onboarding process and transactional efficiency -  vital for reputation management and sustained commercial growth.

Given the wide range of active territories, plus being mindful of the cultural differences in each, Crowd had to find a universally understood visual theme - a vehicle to convey the problems the industry faced and the solutions that Sumsub could offer.

We also needed to find an idea that offered stand-out appeal. Something novel that raised Sumsub’s profile above that of its direct competitors, each of which is also heavily investing in online promotion

The Solution

The specific goals of this campaign is to boost Sumbub’s regional (APAC) brand search volume, website traffic, and campaign total reach, and by doing so increase book-a-demo conversions, increase media mentions, and supercharge social media impressions and engagement.

To do this, Sumsub knew it needed to stand out from the crowd, and Crowd needed a big idea to do just that. To achieve both campaign cut through and campaign retention, in an industry space known for its dry and technical promotions, Sumsub decided to venture down a new and interesting path! Knowing a fresh approach was needed, client and agency teams collaborated and co-created a campaign that personified (or in this case gorilla-fied) digital fraud, in doing so creating an entertaining and memorable campaign that offered thought-provoking content delivered in a humorous way.

In the fast-paced growth sectors that Sumsub identified as primary promotional and engagement targets, we knew that single-point, technology enabled solutions - that streamline both the customer onboarding process and transactional efficiency and security - play a vital role for commercial success. These areas are also a major pain point for director-level security and technology leaders, and finding a reliable provider is a challenge.

The video-first promotional campaign that Crowd created for Sumsub highlights the themes of security, reliability, convenience, and reputation management, and each of our three service-centric videos covers both the dangers of sub-par security measures (represented as the naughty gorilla!) and the benefits of an engaging Sumsub - the one verification platform that can secure the whole user journey.

Soukaina Benlamlih - Creative Director, Crowd UAE

The Showdown Begins




This series of targeted video advertisements is currently running on paid media platforms (Meta, LinkedIn, GDN, and Programmatic), and using a combination of profiling and audience targeting marketing technology we are successfully grabbing the attention of C-Suite decision-makers and security directors in the Asia Pacific region.

The video advertisement’s CTA is clear. Consider your current digital security and verification position. Explore Sumsub’s services, and act before the digital beast strikes the heart of your organisation.

Stay tuned for more campaign results!

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