A Belated Crowd Christmas

#Crowd Culture
BY Xena Watts
Marketing Assistant
7 Feb 2022

Since Covid restrictions have started to lift, our Crowd team was able to finally have our Christmas party. We rented an Airbnb, complete with luxurious sauna, a hot tub, a swimming pool and with easy access to the beautiful Dorset countryside.

The weekend began with drinks (of course), games, socialising and exploring what the house has to offer. Does looking at the gym room count as going to the gym? On Saturday we went for a walk along the Dorset coastline and around Weymouth harbour.

For the evening's event, we had a chef come into the house and cook some stunning gourmet meals for dinner with vegan options. This followed a chilled evening while we all enjoyed our food comas.

It was a great weekend for the team to relax and all hang out again. Since the change to working remotely, we don't see each other in person. Work parties like these are so important to help keep us connected as a team and enjoy some time together offline.

Crowd marketing agency christmas party in weymouth


Xena is part of Crowd's Social Media team, doing research and looking after our channels. She also has a passion for sustainability and is always looking for the next best eco brand.

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